You know you are a geek when:

  • Someone sends you a book you know nothing about but you still jump up and down in celebration. Seriously, NEW BOOK!
  • A turning point in your life is when you finally make enough money to have a graphic novel budget.
  • You’ve already backed 2 games on Kickstarter. One board game and one RPG game.
  • You miss D&D and the old Sierra games.
  • Counting pennies is relaxing.
  • You browse organization sites/stores like a teenager does porn.
  • Hmmmm…. Jean-Luc Picard, enough said.
  • Gazebo.

Thank you Kristin for the book! My friend bought me This Dark Earth by John Hornor Jacobs. Kristin gave his last book great reviews so I can’t wait to read this one and then go out to buy Southern Gods.

Mr Jacobs, if you read this, nice cover; I like the way it feels!
And the link that started it all. There is a chance to win a Kindle Fire:

Loosing My Voice?


Wow, it’s been a while. Still a few issues to work out before I update my laptop so I can post picture heavy posts again. Also I just got back from a two-week vacation in Europe so hopefully I can get the laptop thing sorted soon to report on that.

Starting to blog again, but debating how much I want to reveal in my future entries. Mostly I am thinking of my future career. I’m a secretary which can be a competitive and sometimes conservative career. Do I limit my public voice in fear of my future career, treat it like I am a politician and avoid scandal? I hate the fact that ones private or “moral” life is judged by possible future bosses, but that is a fact of life. Just like I don’t wear tight or reveling clothes if I don’t want people staring at my breasts or cat calling.

A good deal of my life is an book. I like to share and talk about a great many things even if controversial. Sex, social or cultural values and mores. Talking is one thing, written word is different, but I want to start conversations with a broader audience.
My friends, what do you think? Should one stifle their public voice because of a possible future job and if so, how much?



via Shannon Rosan Photography

Last week into this one has been a great week for dance. I have danced four days last week; two regular ballet nights on Monday and Wednesday, then two nights of social dancing with my Dad. My Dad was in town for a conference Thursday and Friday.

I met up with my Dad at his hotel on Thursday, we ate and the ended up going to the Top of the Mark. Apparently they have a swing band every Thursday. They also have a group of regular swing dancers that make use of the band. There were some great dancers too! There was one charming 85-year-old guy celebrating his birthday and he could out dance at least half of the young guys there, if not all! This guy really had some smooth moves! YAY for those who refuse to get old! Of course my Dad and I danced the night away with a couple of other people from his conference. I wish I would have known about the swing dancing though. I was wearing a sweater and slacks, came from work, it is not the best outfit for dancing/sweating. I think I got a bit of a sweat rash under my arms from it. I know, ewwww…….! WORTH IT! I will be back with friends, that’s for sure.

Friday was the big “end of conference dinner and gala”. There was a few awards given out, dinner and then in came the Jazz/Blues/Soul band. Huzzah! Bring on another night of burning up the floor! I think my Dad’s colleagues where impressed with both of our sweet moves. “There ain’t no party, like a (insert my family name here) family party!” Seriously, you should see a family wedding. My family will dance all night even with injuries, to just about any type of music. I love my family!

I also love partying with people over 40! I love the confidence in the conversations and on the dance floor. The previous generations are from a time where social dancing was held in a higher regard than today. Where dancing WITH people instead on ON them was cherished. I wish my generation could get back to that. I see so many peers either freak dancing, which gets old fast to me, or dancing so timidly that I feel bad for them. I think this is mostly because not as much stock is put in social interactions, including dancing. It seems less about having a good time and more about finding a partner for sex or a relationship before a whole conversation is held. So come on people let’s work on getting out and having some good clean fun… and if you want a little something on the side fine. Let’s respect ours peers, quit with the over sexual-ized flirting (seriously there is an art to flirting that doesn’t make people uncomfortable, learn it) and shake our groove things with confidence. (steps off soapbox)

Moving on…….I went to a dance show featuring some of my peers from my ballet class on Sunday which is always a good time. Three cheers for those who performed on Sunday! There was everything from comic numbers featuring underwear with an ocapella group singing, no they were not wearing only underwear, to an intense all male number, to belly dancing and a couple of numbers performed by little girls. So fun.  On a side note, if you want a great ballet class look up Kathy Mata, she is on Facebook. I take Kathy’s class at the Alonzo Lines Dance Center downtown San Francisco. Kathy really makes class fun! Check out the link above and you can check out a few pictures from her shows.

I then went to the San Francisco Ballet on Tuesday to see Don Quixote with some girlfriends. Thank you for joining me girls! I love Don Quixote! I love the folk dance elements, the comedy, and of course the SF Ballet dancers were gorgeous! The show went by much too fast. I do wish that SF Ballet would do Firebird. I would love to see that show live!

Whew, that’s a lot for me! I think I need a nap now.

Have you been to any shows lately? Does your family go crazy on the dance floor too? Any other great dance stories?

*No I am not being compensated or in cahoots with any companies or people mentioned in this post. All opinions are mine and given because I was taught to share with others.

Random Internetz


First a conversation with a friend:

D.R.:  Did you know: Cold Fusion has the ability to cache queries so it doesn’t make another trip to the SQL database.

me:  wow, cold fusion, really? So the cold war was all about databases?

D.R.:  ha, right? Cold Fusion is an Adobe product. It’s like PHP everyone in the world hates it.

me:  No, no, I like the idea of starting an internet rumor about the cold war being the brainchild of a maniacal database programmer

D.R.:  Me too, actually.

So remember folks, the Cold War was all the brainchild of a maniacal database programmer, so go forth and spread the word! Mawahahaahahahaha!!!! 😉

In other news, random funny videos!

Crow Starts a Cat Fight

Lion Cub Hugs

If Girls Were Guys – At The Bar

If Girls Were Guys – Dating

Things You Cannot Say About Your Girlfriend

Drunk Cats

Red Panda vs Pumpkin

Dog Fetches Ball In Leaves

Grandpas Shuffling

Four Old Ladies Beat Man – Voicemail

Eight Year Old Prank Call

Four Year Old Taekwondo


Welcome to my world as of late!

First, The Bloggess is brilliant!  I wish I wasn’t so lazy or I would test this out for curiosity’s sake along with the other recipes floating around in my head. I probably think about food way too much!

Second, have you been to Geek and Sundry yet? Felicia Day started an online network for all things geeky and cute. There is the Flog, her video blog, table top games with Will Wheaton, talented folks bringing kids stories to life and of course The Guild. I think this article, and this one about her Flog, sum it up well.

My cat also endorses this new online network. Here she is watching the subscription-thon or whatever you call it. free online photo editor, fun photo effects

Also this music video is just amazing!

In other news I went to Dayton , Ohio for business not to long ago. Left on a Sunday, one cheer for overtime!, and returned on Tuesday… well technically it was Wednesday. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip. Monday was eight hours of training and team dinner. Tuesday was four hours of training, a few hours on mingling and meeting with colleagues, and then off to the airport. Yeah, the plane was delayed, of course. Had to go through Atlanta to get back to Cali instead of through Dallas as was the original plan. I ended up getting home at around 1:00am just in time to catch a few hours of sleep before waking to go to work by 7:30am. Next time I am planning better and taking the next day off or coming in later. And yes I forgot to take pictures. My second business trip will be to LA so it should be MUCH easier. Must remember I have a camera now……. no pictures to share this time.

I also started planning on building a table for my closet since I have a new narrow dresser that no longer has room to set my necklace stand on. Probably won’t be finished for months since I will have to go up to my Dad’s to work on it. That’s a three and a half hour drive. Can’t wait to start working with the wood again. I love building things! I don’t know that I am any good at it and I certainly do not have any training, but who cares? Not this girl! Wish me luck!

Went to try on new pointe shoes and the sales clerk told me I had nice feet and strong legs! She probably says that to all the dancers, but still, tee he.

Lastly, I got to swing a sledgehammer today! Yay for destroying stuff! I am mountain woman, hear me giggle while swinging a 50 Ib sledgehammer!

A Smorgasbord

Fire Flower and Demon Bunny!


I am not an artist, but that doesn’t stop me from creating crap-tastic pictures. Case and point:

Fire Flower and Demon Bunny

My sister-in-law came to visit me this past weekend, I have a blast sea-ster so thank you! I was inspired by a post by the adorable Katie from Bower Power so my SIL and I went to a local art store to get some watercolor pencils, as well as wander aimlessly through awesomeness. Art stores are fun! Anyway these watercolor pencils look and draw like regular colored pencils but when you paint over them with water…. bam, water color art! I have to test the pencils and so we have fire flower and demon bunny. Enjoy!

PS: I do plan on doing something other than doodling with them. When…..who knows.

Gallery Wall


Finally this post is complete! I apologize for the length of time since my last post, but between technical issues and life changes I just couldn’t get ‘er done. Also because I didn’t want to take a lot of time picture editing the pictures have had very little editing.

My hallway was empty. My hallway is a dominate part of my apartment because my apartment is a San Francisco studio. One of these days I might do a tour, but for now think tiny! Something had to be done about the cream abyss, so I started collecting frames from thrift stores in black and silver. Back in October I finally felt that I had collected enough frames to start my gallery wall! Huzzah!!!

Like Young House Love I used newspaper to visualize the placement of the frames on the wall. Just cut newspaper to the size of your frames and play around with the placement on the wall until you are happy. I hung the frames with adhesive strips instead of nails, so no measuring required. I didn’t use a level so some of the frames are a little crooked, but oddly I don’t mind. I thought I would, but I really don’t. I just love the fact that there is something interesting in the hallway now!

Fast forward to January and I finally get around to adding art to the frames. I decided to display some of my memories from my travels on the wall. My inspiration came from a small collection of coins from Costa Rica. Instead of keeping them hidden away I wanted to show them off. A $3, or so, mat and some glue came to the rescue. I used masking tape to mimic the frame so it did not sit on the coins when I put the mat in. The masking tape did not come off as nicely as I would have liked but you really can’t see the ripped bits so it’s okay.

To accompany my special coin mat I had John Photoshop a picture of a toucan I found online onto a fun background I found via Pinterest. The lovely photo of the toucan is from agu_xauen on a site called  Panoramio. I would have used a picture I took except I am a horrible photographer and there was too much going on it the background of my toucan photos. agu_xauen is much better at it, by FAR.  The background is a painting by Melanie Mikecz, I love the color and texture it lends. Thank you both for agreeing to let me show this project with my readers! Much love and Pura Vida!

Then there is the framed sheet music cover my Dad gave me for my birthday.

I will let the pictures do the rest of the explaining.

Pretty plant from Costa Rica.

Keep sakes from Maui, HI.

Kauai, HI

I think I took this picture from the second story of the internet cafe in Costa Rica, but I can’t remember. It was either that or the language school. Great reminder of a city and a country I fell in love with.

Kauai, HI again. This was one of my favorite trees and the tree was right by the beach I had my first surf lesson on!

For those who are interested here are a few tips and trails for mats, pictures, and the like.

Don’t be afraid of adding color with a mat to your gallery wall. Easy way to add more color, interest, texture, and easy to change if you do not like it.

When adding a fabric mat be aware of the type of fabric before trying to iron. Case in point (fabric = pocket ripped off a laundry bag): The orange synthetic fabric melted onto the iron. Opps!

Cutting mats takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad. Using a ruler and a square is the only way I can hope to cut a straight line. No, that is not my hand. My fingers are not that pretty. 🙂 The tiny working space doesn’t help though. Yes, the coffee table is my project area.

Without further ado, here is the gallery wall as it looks now. I’m a happy girl!