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This One Takes The Cake!


I had the strangest dream about cakes last night. Well there was a whole lot more going on than cakey goodness, but I will leave out the side stories and the ping pong for the sake of my readers. 🙂

This one starts out with a dream within a dream. Dream me is dreaming about talking to someone about a brand new cake I just made. The first few bites are your average marble cake with chocolate frosting, but in the middle of the slice is a surprise. Suddenly a grid of fruit gel and it was very effective. The fruit gel is similar to gel food coloring and taffy in that it looked like the coloring but more tension is needed to break it.

I then wake up from the dream within the dream and go to my mother to tell her all about it. I get as far as, “I had the strangest dream about a new cake that,” when we walk into this massive room and we are motioned to sit at this long table in the middle of the room. At the table is a faceless man, the host?, and two respected female Chinese chefs. We are then told we are being challenged to a culinary cake contention akin to Iron Chef. (Sorry for the horrible alliteration!) I whisper in my mom’s ear, “Do you want to try something new and risky or go with a proven crowd pleaser, like your German Chocolate Cake?”

We are then introduced to our “secret ingredient”, some crazy cone shaped cooking oven balanced at an angle in a giant metal bucket. On the inside of the cone it is flat on one half, but the other half has these open wire basket like sections. The baskets stir and incorporate ingredients where as the flat part acts as a wok (as far as I could tell).

To the kitchen! I start with the fruit purees: Rasberry, Apple, and Carrot as I watch the other team start a savory dessert bubbling away with shrimp in the giant cone oven.

And scene!

Crazy, right? This dream really made me want to play with gelatins but I have no idea where to start with this one. I also had plans for the day.

Hasta luego mis amigos!