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You know you are a geek when:

  • Someone sends you a book you know nothing about but you still jump up and down in celebration. Seriously, NEW BOOK!
  • A turning point in your life is when you finally make enough money to have a graphic novel budget.
  • You’ve already backed 2 games on Kickstarter. One board game and one RPG game.
  • You miss D&D and the old Sierra games.
  • Counting pennies is relaxing.
  • You browse organization sites/stores like a teenager does porn.
  • Hmmmm…. Jean-Luc Picard, enough said.
  • Gazebo.

Thank you Kristin for the book! My friend bought me This Dark Earth by John Hornor Jacobs. Kristin gave his last book great reviews so I can’t wait to read this one and then go out to buy Southern Gods.

Mr Jacobs, if you read this, nice cover; I like the way it feels!
And the link that started it all. There is a chance to win a Kindle Fire: http://www.johnhornorjacobs.com/blog2/