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Organizing Hollywood


I have been extremely busy at work this week and have not had the energy to blog much. I have started several blog posts but picture editing and such takes a ton of time. Enough whining,eh?

Jen at IHeart Organizing recently posted a video addressing common questions from her readers which inspired this post. If you want to check out her blog before finishing reading mine I don’t mind. 🙂 Really I have come to love her organizing tips, the wonderful colors she uses in her home, and the fun personality that comes through in her writing. Seriously, go check it out!

Back to the inspiration question: If you could visit any celebrity and help them organize their home who would it be?

The organizing geek in me giggled when I heard this one and HAD to blog about my take on it. so here we go….

#1 – Kevin Smith


He’s cute and cuddly and I would likely spend more time playing than organizing. He is bound to have tons of great toys and geeky awesomness. I could imagine I would be laughing the entire time. This guy is hi-lar-ious!

#2 – Chef Curtis Stone

Let’s face it, I have a bit of a celebrity crush on this one. Chef Stone is adorable, a surfer (I sometimes dream about being a surf bum), seems like a nice guy, a good business man, and have you seen his line of kitchen products? No, well take a look! Gorgeous! A bit on the expensive side though. 😦  I would love to check out his drawers (wink)… or knife magnet strip thingy or whatever he uses. For some reason I have a fascination with checking out the different kitchen knifes people choose. Not really sure why. (Shrugs)

Thank you Jen and her readers for the inspiration!

How about you! What celb would you like to organize, design, or just chat with?


Bacon Holiday


I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and feels a little more relaxed after a long weekend! Thank you M, you know who you are, for the invite to the picnic. The mac-n-cheese was very tasty and I had a great time! Definitely worth the sunburn! (Switching purses can be a dangerous thing when you forget to transfer sunscreen! Opps!)

There was a lot of talk of food and food trucks. M mentioned she would like to have a mac-n-cheese truck which got me to thinking about a bacon themed truck. Mmm….bacon-y heaven…. How fun would it be to make up the menu? My process of thought was directed elsewhere until yesterday when I came across the following post from one of my much loved blogs, Handjobs For the Home about bacon popcorn. This blog is full of great recipes all from the male perspective. Check it out! I got to wondering how many bacon recipes I could think up in five minutes. Apparently I can come up with 14 recipes, some of which are basic no-brainers like the BLT and AJ’s bacon popcorn with a twist.  Here is my list:

    • Mac-n-cheese with bacon, fried, wrapped in candied/brown sugar bacon and lightly fried again
    • Chocolate, bacon, popcorn balls
    • Chocolate bacon with chili powder
    • Alabama Rolls – my boyfriends famous party snack that includes bacon cream cheese, and a few other special ingredients
    • Bacon Waffles
    • Bacon waffle sundae
    • Bacon wrapped scallops
    • Candied bacon
    • Home potatoes
    • Pasta-n-stuff
    • Baked Potato
    • Bacon Hamburger
    • Bacon Pizza
    • BLT

You got to respect bacon and how versatile it is! Even fakin-bacon is tasty!