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Random Internetz


First a conversation with a friend:

D.R.:  Did you know: Cold Fusion has the ability to cache queries so it doesn’t make another trip to the SQL database.

me:  wow, cold fusion, really? So the cold war was all about databases?

D.R.:  ha, right? Cold Fusion is an Adobe product. It’s like PHP everyone in the world hates it.

me:  No, no, I like the idea of starting an internet rumor about the cold war being the brainchild of a maniacal database programmer

D.R.:  Me too, actually.

So remember folks, the Cold War was all the brainchild of a maniacal database programmer, so go forth and spread the word! Mawahahaahahahaha!!!! 😉

In other news, random funny videos!

Crow Starts a Cat Fight

Lion Cub Hugs

If Girls Were Guys – At The Bar

If Girls Were Guys – Dating

Things You Cannot Say About Your Girlfriend

Drunk Cats

Red Panda vs Pumpkin

Dog Fetches Ball In Leaves

Grandpas Shuffling

Four Old Ladies Beat Man – Voicemail

Eight Year Old Prank Call

Four Year Old Taekwondo


Welcome to my world as of late!

First, The Bloggess is brilliant!  I wish I wasn’t so lazy or I would test this out for curiosity’s sake along with the other recipes floating around in my head. I probably think about food way too much!

Second, have you been to Geek and Sundry yet? Felicia Day started an online network for all things geeky and cute. There is the Flog, her video blog, table top games with Will Wheaton, talented folks bringing kids stories to life and of course The Guild. I think this article, and this one about her Flog, sum it up well.

My cat also endorses this new online network. Here she is watching the subscription-thon or whatever you call it. free online photo editor, fun photo effects

Also this music video is just amazing!

In other news I went to Dayton , Ohio for business not to long ago. Left on a Sunday, one cheer for overtime!, and returned on Tuesday… well technically it was Wednesday. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip. Monday was eight hours of training and team dinner. Tuesday was four hours of training, a few hours on mingling and meeting with colleagues, and then off to the airport. Yeah, the plane was delayed, of course. Had to go through Atlanta to get back to Cali instead of through Dallas as was the original plan. I ended up getting home at around 1:00am just in time to catch a few hours of sleep before waking to go to work by 7:30am. Next time I am planning better and taking the next day off or coming in later. And yes I forgot to take pictures. My second business trip will be to LA so it should be MUCH easier. Must remember I have a camera now……. no pictures to share this time.

I also started planning on building a table for my closet since I have a new narrow dresser that no longer has room to set my necklace stand on. Probably won’t be finished for months since I will have to go up to my Dad’s to work on it. That’s a three and a half hour drive. Can’t wait to start working with the wood again. I love building things! I don’t know that I am any good at it and I certainly do not have any training, but who cares? Not this girl! Wish me luck!

Went to try on new pointe shoes and the sales clerk told me I had nice feet and strong legs! She probably says that to all the dancers, but still, tee he.

Lastly, I got to swing a sledgehammer today! Yay for destroying stuff! I am mountain woman, hear me giggle while swinging a 50 Ib sledgehammer!

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