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Intros and Things To Come


Hello Internetz and blog lovers,

My name is Haley. I get distracted easily so don’t expect regular posts, hence the name of the blog. I do love to sew small things and reorganize so I’d imagine you will see a lot of that on blog posts to come. Maybe food related posts as well. Food is practically a religion in my family. There may be some random ramblings or ego stroke type of posts; I won’t lie it might happen. I WILL be stroking the egos of my friends because I am shameless when it comes to giving praise to those I feel deserve it. Feel free to be completely honest with me about my content and even correct my grammar if you wish. Grammar never was a strong point for me.

Project posts to come:

1. Curtains – I have one of four done now. It’s slow process since I am sewing by hand. My mom did help a GREAT DEAL, but more on that later.

2. Cheap and easy fabric baskets – One of three done already

Other points of interest:

1. Praise my friends, cause they are awesome! Maybe I should just make that a bi-monthly thing. Maybe call it “Share The Love”. We will see.

2. Ode to Thrift Stores.

Bare with me as I get this blog thing figured out.

Until next time,