Me In A Nutshell a.k.a. I Need Better Post Names


I was tagged in a questionnaire by Christina @TheScrappyHousewife and I am having technical difficulties getting my Gallery Wall post up (spotting internet making picture editing difficult), so here we go:

The Rules:

  1.  Post the rules
  2.  Post 11 fun facts about yourself
  3.  Answer the questions the tagger gave you in their post & then create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
  4.  Tag 11 people and link them in your post
  5.  Let them know you’ve “tagged” them
11 Fun or Random Facts About Me
  1. I love bread more than I like chocolate. The only thing better is bread with cheese, maybe some apples or grapes.
  2. I used to be pigeon-toed as a kid and would frequently trip over my own feet. Now I stand on my toes in ballet class.
  3. I have a pair of custom Converse with cupcakes on them.
  4. I used to use a dipper bag as a purse in high school because it was huge and had tons of pockets so I could organize all my stuff.
  5. I read at a high level, but still draw like a kindergartner.
  6.  I think Excel is awesome! Spreadsheets are like crack to this organizing freak.
  7. I hate the wet fart noises people make with their mouth.
  8. I hate the feel of cotton balls. It feels squeaky and yucky to me.
  9. I used to play D&D. I still want to play RPG’s, but I am not motivated enough to research all the shiny new ones.
  10. I have freckles in the shape of a sunburn I got six years ago. I fell asleep on a boat.
  11. I am a ginger with a ginger cat and I lean towards orange as my favorite color.

Questions From Christina

  1. What do you do when you aren’t blogging? – Work full-time as a secretary, take ballet classes, read other blogs, and daydream.
  2. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure? – Dance movies/series, good or bad. Seriously I watched all 26 episodes of Dance Academy, an Australian tween show about the students of a ballet company. That and Pop Tarts.
  3. If money was no concern, where would you like to live and why? – The moment I stepped off the plane in Costa Rica I fell in love. LOVE THAT PLACE! The food, the people, the forest/nature, it’s all wonderful! I would miss my friends and family though.
  4. What cause is nearest and dearest to your heart? – Children’s cancer research, my brother is an infant cancer survivor. Also I think sexual abuse is horrendous, so cause geared toward helping survivors of said abuse.
  5. What’s your favorite way to relax? – Does a cat nap count? Otherwise, daydreaming, reading or watching a Disney/Pixar/animated movie.
  6. “Live” TV or Netflix/DVR? – I do not have local or cable TV so it is all Netflix, internet, or DVD’s for us.
  7. What book is currently sitting on your nightstand? – I am in between books right now. I had some books given to me a while ago and I started them, but could not get into them. I might read Great Expectations next.
  8. What’s your biggest fear? – Failure in general. I also fear that I am to cautious and will miss out on too many things.
  9. Are you a planner like me or do you enjoy being spontaneous?  – I am both, it just depends on my mood really. A bit less spontaneous lately with all my adult responsibilities.
  10. Why did you start blogging? – I was reading a lot blogs and sometime wanted to comment in length about this and that. It is also something I can do to connect to more people. It gets kind of lonely in the big city especially when you don’t have the money to put yourself out there. Wow, that sounded kind of dirty, but you know what I mean, right, right?
  11.  The classic question: If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet and why? – Douglas Adams seems like he would have been a strange and wonderful bird. I love his books, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy being the most popular. Anyone who could write like him would certainly be interesting to have tea with.

Questions For Those I Tag

  1. What is one of your fondest childhood memories?
  2. What are some  of your favorite comfort foods?
  3. What would you love to try if there was no judgement and money was not an issue?
  4. What was you favorite game as a child?
  5. What is your geekiest trait/hobby?
  6. Where do you feel most comfortable?
  7. What is something someone taught you that had the most impact on you?
  8.  What is your most embarrassing “fashion” moment/style?
  9. Do you have a favorite beauty tip?
  10. Savory or sweet?
  11. Peanuts, Dick Tracy or X-Men?

People I Am Inviting To Participate

  1. Anyone who is interested.

About thedistractedblogger

I am a curious person and am interested in most things therefore I have way to many hobbies. This blog will most likely reflect my love of crafts and home organization. There may be some dance, fashion, and geekyness thrown in there somewhere as well. The Distracted Blogger will likely live up to her name and may not post regularly. Let's face it, this ADD kid's focus shifts like the changing winds.

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