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Random Internetz


First a conversation with a friend:

D.R.:  Did you know: Cold Fusion has the ability to cache queries so it doesn’t make another trip to the SQL database.

me:  wow, cold fusion, really? So the cold war was all about databases?

D.R.:  ha, right? Cold Fusion is an Adobe product. It’s like PHP everyone in the world hates it.

me:  No, no, I like the idea of starting an internet rumor about the cold war being the brainchild of a maniacal database programmer

D.R.:  Me too, actually.

So remember folks, the Cold War was all the brainchild of a maniacal database programmer, so go forth and spread the word! Mawahahaahahahaha!!!! 😉

In other news, random funny videos!

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Grandpas Shuffling

Four Old Ladies Beat Man – Voicemail

Eight Year Old Prank Call

Four Year Old Taekwondo


Things that make me smile!


Since finishing my gallery wall is taking longer than I thought it would I thought I would post a little about the random things that make me smile.


  • I keep tallies on various things in the office and I love getting to five so I can draw a line across the others.
  • Being told I have a nice phone voice.
  • Crossing something off a To Do List.
  • The plop of oatmeal.
  • When people listen to my greeting when I answer the phone at work and get my name or the company name right.
  • Just the thought of sitting on a surf board between the breaks. So calming! (No I am not a surfer and have only been on a board twice, but I would like to be some day)
  • Doing something right in my ballet class, particularly when I do an attitude turn correctly.
  • Day dreams.
  • And SLEEP!