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My First Guest Post!


Christina from The Scrappy Housewife has always been super sweet and supportive. Thank you! This week she is celebrating her one year Bloggiversary and today I have guest posted on her wonderful blog, so please take a little time to head on over and support her!


Fall Kitty


Halloween is fast approaching and I decided that I wanted to decorate this year. I LOVE Halloween and the decor that goes with it! I have a feeling some of the Halloween decor will stick around through the holidays. I know me! But, before I get around to showing off some the crafty fun I am going to leave you with a recent fall “photoshoot”, I am by no means a photographer.

Cue the crazy cat lady!

Seriously Persephone was enamored with the pumpkins. From the moment she got the first whiff she was hooked! I had been home for 20 minutes or so after introducing her to them before I put them in the bathroom for the photoshoot and she still could not stop sniffing them! Cat nip = nope. Pumpkins = Yes!

Road Paved In Curtains


This one is for you Kate!

I have been working on my curtains for the apartment for what seems like forever and I am still not done yet. I thought I would start blogging about it anyway. I do have one of four panels completed, so that should be enough to start, right? Anyone? Well it is for this girl.

Curtain mania started started probably a year ago, maybe longer and by that I mean the bug that convinced me I need fancy curtains. It took me forever to find just the right material.

I knew I wanted something with orange in it.
I wanted something fun that would make me smile.
I wanted something thick enough to block out a decent amount of light so there would be fewer mornings waking up with migraines.
I also didn’t want it to break the bank.
I also didn’t want to settle so I took my time looking around.

At first I entertained the idea of buying canvas drop cloths and DIY’ing my own which had become a popular topic in the blogsphere. After looking at the prices it wasn’t cheap enough to be worth it to me. After that I just stalked the internet and local fabric stores for fabric I could fall in love with. It took me around 4-6 months, my memory is horrible, but I finally found this on Bonanza!

Jay McCarroll Germania Germascus Green Fabric

Orange – Check
Fun – Double Check.
Thick – No. It’s just a thin cotton, but I figured I could find a cheap fabric to line it with. WORTH IT!
Price – $8.00/yard at 11 yards (Bay windows = lots of fabric)  Total of $84.00 total with shipping. Not dirt cheap but the amount of smiles it produced in me was worth it.

After several visits to the fabric warehouses in the city I was able to find a nice thick cream upholstery fabric in the Pottery Barn remnant pile for three dollars and change per yard. Score!

Then I just picked up some orange thread, some nice thick velcro for hanging and I was ready to dive in. For under $150.00 I was ready to make some curtains. Okay, so not cheap and I am not really sure how I did it, but I was determined. I needed some beauty in my environment to combat stress and the dull olive and cream Wal-mart curtains were not doing it for me.

The next obstacle was figuring out how to make curtains without space. I live in a studio apartment with my boyfriend and cat so the biggest available work space is John’s desk and the coffee table. John’s desk is occupied with plenty of other items and the coffee table is a coffee table. So I spent a little money on the BART to go to my Aunt’s house and use their floor to cut the fabric. I used her rug as a straight edge. Would have worked perfectly if I had thought to check the bias and the way the seller had cut the fabric from the bolt. Opps! It all worked out since I always leave more allowance than I need, but I have a few more extra awkward scraps. I think the original length was supposed to be 70”, not the 67” they are now. No matter, still a good length. It did take a lot longer than I thought it would to cut and hem the panels, all day really.

Not long after “the cutting” I was talking to my mom about driving up to see her and she offered to help with the curtains. Thank you mommy! My mom is fantastic with a needle and thread, and a paint brush, a whisk, a wok, and just about everything really. Mom showed me the error in my fabric cutting ways and came to the rescue in a big way. She re-cut the fabric and hemmed three of the four sides (so I could adjust the length in the space) since I had no real room to do it at home. I also may be a bit spoiled. I will admit it.

This rambling post is getting a little long so there will be more to come. A few Halloween posts coming up, including a cute and furry one!

Anybody else out there have problems with cutting straight?

I would still love any tips/tricks/opinions about my shirt refashion found here.

By The Neck – Help Wanted


I have been doing a little purging lately and while I was going through my closet I noticed my Betty Boop shirt that I hadn’t worn in forever. The only real reason I have not worn it is because the arms of the shirt were made for a stick figure. I love this shirt and decided to try to refashion it, but after cutting off the sleeves I realized I didn’t have a plan.


I have no idea what I want to do with the neckline. I certainly don’t want to leave it as it is, but I don’t want something that will take away from Betty. I pined a few necklines on Pinterest, but I cannot make a decision. Below are just a few of my favorites.

Jumping in without a paddle is unlike me who is prone to over think everything! So now I need some help from y’all!

Any favorite necklines, pinned here or from another source? Any advice on altering necklines on a cotton shirt? Any things to avoid or past mishaps you would like to share? Anyone else loving the sneak peak of my curtains that will be featured in a post in the near future?

Entry Re-Do


So a while ago the boyfriend and I drove up to visit friends near our hometown. On our way north we stopped off at Ikea so I could spend some of my birthday money. I went in with a plan to buy two of Ikea’s Retur Recycling Bins. Thank you Young House Love and their helpful reader Roberta for the tip off! Each Retur bin is only $19.99 and a great solution for our dirty towel problem. My cat Persephone models our previous system below, which really wasn’t working for me. A big red laundry bag is not what I want to see when I walk in the door nor what I want my guests to see. Yuck!

Work It Persephone!

Of course the boyfriend was dreading the Ikea trip and I was smiling ear to ear. I don’t get to go shopping often due to a miniscule budget. I tried not to dawdle to much, but I did browse enough to pick up a few other things too.

They were selling $1 pillows. Yes I said $1 pillows. Granted these are the overly squishy, not much to them pillows but they are perfect for a future “headboard” project, so I grabbed 4. I may only need three for the project, so I might end up with a new pillow for the futon as well. I also picked up an ergonomic pillow for….$10 I think. Shaped for side and back sleepers. Foam, but not memory foam, so although it is better than the pillow I was using before it’s not fabulous. Cheap though. And lastly I bought a red Octopus! I figure it will be useful for hanging socks and such to dry when we don’t have enough quarters for the dryer. At $4.99 an adorable red octopus is worth it in my book! They had Red, navy blue and white, if you are interested.

Back to the reason for the Ikea visit. I measured correctly and the “recycling bins” fit perfectly in their new home. Much better solution than a laundry bag. The new bins fit a decent amount too! I think four- five bath towels and a few hand towels were shoved in the towel bin and it still closed nicely. I think I may need to add a few air holes in the back of the towel bin (on the bottom) as plastic traps moister and smells. Didn’t think of that when I bought them but it should be an easy fix.

The top bin now houses donate-ables and anything that needs to be returned to another. I LOVE new storage solutions! The only downfall is that the top on the bin sags a little in the middle with the items I put on top of it. If anyone can think of a way to reinforce the top that would be lovely! I might end up making a table to go over the bins eventually, but for now it’s all Dasiys and fluffy kitty butts!

Have you found any fun storage solutions recently? Maybe taken picture of your cat strutting their stuff for the camera?