Fire Flower and Demon Bunny!


I am not an artist, but that doesn’t stop me from creating crap-tastic pictures. Case and point:

Fire Flower and Demon Bunny

My sister-in-law came to visit me this past weekend, I have a blast sea-ster so thank you! I was inspired by a post by the adorable Katie from Bower Power so my SIL and I went to a local art store to get some watercolor pencils, as well as wander aimlessly through awesomeness. Art stores are fun! Anyway these watercolor pencils look and draw like regular colored pencils but when you paint over them with water…. bam, water color art! I have to test the pencils and so we have fire flower and demon bunny. Enjoy!

PS: I do plan on doing something other than doodling with them. When…..who knows.


About thedistractedblogger

I am a curious person and am interested in most things therefore I have way to many hobbies. This blog will most likely reflect my love of crafts and home organization. There may be some dance, fashion, and geekyness thrown in there somewhere as well. The Distracted Blogger will likely live up to her name and may not post regularly. Let's face it, this ADD kid's focus shifts like the changing winds.

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