Things that make me smile!


Since finishing my gallery wall is taking longer than I thought it would I thought I would post a little about the random things that make me smile.


  • I keep tallies on various things in the office and I love getting to five so I can draw a line across the others.
  • Being told I have a nice phone voice.
  • Crossing something off a To Do List.
  • The plop of oatmeal.
  • When people listen to my greeting when I answer the phone at work and get my name or the company name right.
  • Just the thought of sitting on a surf board between the breaks. So calming! (No I am not a surfer and have only been on a board twice, but I would like to be some day)
  • Doing something right in my ballet class, particularly when I do an attitude turn correctly.
  • Day dreams.
  • And SLEEP!

About thedistractedblogger

I am a curious person and am interested in most things therefore I have way to many hobbies. This blog will most likely reflect my love of crafts and home organization. There may be some dance, fashion, and geekyness thrown in there somewhere as well. The Distracted Blogger will likely live up to her name and may not post regularly. Let's face it, this ADD kid's focus shifts like the changing winds.

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  1. Hehehe…I love the fifth tally too!

    Also, I’m so glad to hear you’re still doing ballet, I know you love it. 🙂 I bet you’re beautiful when you dance!

  2. Hi Haley! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a comment! I totally get about having to do laundry in a laundry mat….I had to do that way back when! Love the list…there are quite a few things on that list I love too….like sleeping in on a Saturday! Angie xo PS-did you know that your comments on blogger are set at ‘no reply’ so that n one can comment directly on your comments unless they click thru to your profile?

    • 🙂 Sleep is fantastic, so I am trying hard to get it in before I “grow up” and start a family (not happening for a long while I am sure)!

      Thank you I did not know that about the comments. I will have to look into that since I have a WordPress blog….oh the joys of blog settings.

  3. Sleep and crossing things off my to do list at good feeling for me too! My gallery wall is taking a little longer than I thought as well. I’m having a hard time finding frames I like. Good luck with yours!

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