Liebster Award


Blogging for less than a year and Christina @The Scrappy Housewife has honored me with the Liebster Award! Christina is so supportive and sweet. Thank you! If you are wondering what the Liebster Award is, it is an award to highlight blogs with less than 200 followers presented by fellow bloggers.

The rules of the award are that you copy/paste the award to your blog linking back to the one who gave it to you. Then you pick 5 blogs to pass it along to and leave a comment telling them so.

Here are my choices:

Shannon Rosan @Shannon Rosan Photography

Carol-Anne @Use The Good Dishes

Shannon @Googiemomma

Techno Geek Nerd Princess

Oksana @Order Matters

Please take a moment to visit these lovely ladies blogs and show them some love!


About thedistractedblogger

I am a curious person and am interested in most things therefore I have way to many hobbies. This blog will most likely reflect my love of crafts and home organization. There may be some dance, fashion, and geekyness thrown in there somewhere as well. The Distracted Blogger will likely live up to her name and may not post regularly. Let's face it, this ADD kid's focus shifts like the changing winds.

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