Ode to Starch, Part Three


Bakery Crawl – Day Two

Here you go kids, the last installment of the Bakery Crawl adventures.


This ended up being my favorite bakery. This is my kind of paradise! Cases and stacks of breads, a few sweets, and fresh pizza! I’m swooning just thinking about it. Give me a moment….

Okay I’m back.

I bought two things here. One, a cheesy roll with olives and two, a eggplant, summer squash, sundried tomato pizza on Focaccia. The roll was fantastic, but the pizza was amazing! The Focaccia bread was the best I have ever had! It was so light, airy, soft, and delicious! The veggies were very fresh, the olive oil was quality, and the herbs were the perfect finishing touch. Even John’s cheese pizza on Focaccia was really good. I WILL be back here!!!

La Boulangerie

La Boulangerie was a lovely french bakery with displays of beautiful desserts and one long table for those who would like to stay in to enjoy their treats. Very cozy. Very Tasty. Great place to stop in and treat yourself. I had two macaroons, chocolate and violet and a choux something or other (berries, whipped cream and choux, a soft sweet bread). The violet macaroon was really good. Creamy, soft,  lightly sweetened floral flavor. Lovely. The choux concoction was very refreshing as well. The whipped cream was just that, not a bunch of unneeded sugar added, the pastry so soft with a lovely delicate flavor and yummy berries. The conversation with another couple was delightful as well. Good times indeed!

John Campbell’s

We thought it was fitting to end with an Irish bakery. This little Irish girl loves a good round of brown bread and delcious flaky pasties. So that’s what I ordered, a beef pastie and Irish brown bread. Oh and a mini rhubarb tart. The pastie was good, but had a little too much pepper in it for my taste. The tart was very nice and not to tart or sweet, but nothing like my mothers. The brown bread though was perfect! Irish Brown Bread is a course, whole wheat bread that is a little more dry than most breads we are used to in the states, much like corn bread. This was by no means dry, but it did have that glorious course texture to it. This bread with or without a large slab of butter is the thing that gingers dream of (wink, wink).

Sorry I forgot to take pictures of everything.

(This picture was taken from the John Campbell’s website)

That my friends concludes the Bakery Crawl series. I hope you enjoyed it!

Also I will hopefully do a post on all the fun clothes I got while thrift-ing with my dad this past weekend. I LOVE thrift stores!

On a side note, I added a poll on my site’s sidebar asking about those who subscribe via Google Reader since those subscriptions are not counted. If you already subscribe via Google Reader please visit my blog site and vote so I can get a better idea how many people actually read this thing. Thank you!


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