Ode to Starch, Part One (Happy Birthday Me!)


My birthday is tomorrow, August 12. I am taking the day off from work to celebrate with some friends and my favorite vice, starch. That’s right, I am planning a Bakery Crawl! We are not just talking sweets, but also breads and empanadas. I can’t wait! I may feel like a fat pug by tomorrow evening, but it will be worth it!

Stay tuned for pictures and highlights of the day!

In the meantime here is a doddle of mine. Be warned it’s bad! Bad, as in a kindergartner could do better.


About thedistractedblogger

I am a curious person and am interested in most things therefore I have way to many hobbies. This blog will most likely reflect my love of crafts and home organization. There may be some dance, fashion, and geekyness thrown in there somewhere as well. The Distracted Blogger will likely live up to her name and may not post regularly. Let's face it, this ADD kid's focus shifts like the changing winds.

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